So sorry...

First of all, I have to say sorry for my long absence. A few weeks after I started this blog my situation changed quite drastically, so I haven't had much time or energy to write here.

Almost three months ago now, I got on a plane to England with a return ticket in June 2013. I'm doing an exchange year in a lovely small town with a name I will not mention here for privacy reasons, but it is a very nice, cosy english town. My living situation here is quite different from my situation at home. Back in Norway there's just me, my mom and my dad. Here, we've been up to twelve people living under one roof. Just imagine - no privacy anywhere. But not that I mind, the first family I stayed with was a one-person household with one crazy member, so anything is an improvement from that. And the family is very nice, it's just people everywhere. Also, I don't currently have my own "proper" room, but will get that in December. Yay! So hopefully I will be able to take som pictures for the blog then. And I have a lot to take pictures of.. In Norway, everything is so expensive, including makeup. So just imagine me rummaging through our local Boots and Superdrug and that's quite an accurate picture of what I've been doing most Saturdays lately.

I wont make this post to long - as I have quite a lot of work to do over the weekend and too little time to sleep, eat, drink, be social and basically do things that are actually fun, but I just wanted to get this out there now that I finally had some time on my hands and an urge to write. I will probably do a more in-depth post about my experiences so far if anyone would be interested in that, and it would surely be interesting to write. However, apologies for any mistakes in this post, it was written in ten minutes so bear with me.

Other than that, I wish you all a lovely weekend!


Makeup mess?

I do apologize for not posting anything for a while, but in a few days I'll be going to England and living there for a year, so things have been pretty crazy these last two weeks. 

Since I got back from holiday a few weeks ago, I've mostly been using the makeup I brought with me while traveling and some occasional other products I plucked from my collection. The result? Two rather messy drawers of makeup. So I decided to organize everything so it would be easier to pack the products I do want with me. It is rather messy (now), which drove me mad since I'm a perfectionist, but I just could not be bothered to sit down... until now. Long live procrastination, I know.

If any of you have any tips for some great british drugstore products, please leave them down bellow!


Review |Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer

Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer Kit in Ivory and powder in Pale Yellow

The Bobbi Brown creamy concealer is one of the most talked about products in the beauty world. Everybody raves about this and the BB corrector, so two months ago I gave in and bought it. I was looking for a concealer that would cover pimples, red spots and other imperfections, while being creamy enough to use to cancel out redness. I was not originally planning on using this for my under eye area.

I bought the creamy concealer kit, that comes with both powder and concealer. Honestly I wish I hadn't. I have hardly used the powder as I find that it breaks me out. The reason I bought the kit was that they didn't have the concealer in my shade in single form, and as I was eager to try it - I gave in.

 Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer Kit in the pan   Swatches of the powder and concealer.

The first thing I want to mention is how little product you get. You only get 1.4 grams! To compare I looked at my  MAC Studio Finish Concealer, where you get 7 grams. That and the fact that it is very expensive may be the main reason I will probably not repurchase this product. Although it is lovely under the eyes, it does not cover blemishes or redness that well. Sometimes it creases under my eyes if I don't use a powder,  but the powder it comes with just makes it look dry and cakey. I have tried it other powders though, which works just fine. Sometimes I can even get away with not using a powder, which is great as I want my makeup to look as natural as possible.

As mentioned above, this is not a full coverage concealer. It may have a bit more coverage than your average liquid concealer, however it is not good for covering acne scaring or those annoying red spots. It also has a tendency to just slip off the blemish. However, if you are looking for an under eye concealer and you are willing to pay, I do recommend this. When I am using this on my skin, (not my under eye area) I have noticed that it can build up quite quickly and that it has a tendency to cling to any dry patches you might have, so keep that in mind.

So guys, do you have any thoughts on the Bobbi Brown Concealer?


Mango Madness

I have always been a mango lover ever since I bought my first lip butter from The Body Shop at age twelve. So to I ease myself into the beauty blog world, I thought it would only be fair that I started with some of my most beloved products for the summer. I absolutely adore everything mango and as the beauty junkie I am, I have collected a few mango related products during the past few months. I suffer from terrible allergies during the summer, so I am always looking for products to help me feel fresher, and I can whole-heartedly recommend all of the products listed below. So without further chit-chat from me, let us take a look at my favorite mango products!

Mango Body Mist by The Body Shop. This smells absolutely heavenly. During the past four-five or so weeks I have replaced my perfume with this almost every day, and it just instantly makes me feel more summery and less sickly. It is very sweet, so beware if you are not a fan of too fruity scents. However, it is not a heavy scent which is why I love it so much. Another thing I love about this is that it contains Community Fair Trade essence from sugarcane and mango extract - it is one of the things that constantly draws me in with The Body Shop.

Maybelline Color Sensation Shine Lipstick in Mango Diamonds. For me, this is the perfect red lipstick for summer. I love using it for an everyday red lip, as the orange hint it has brightens up my complexion. The formula is very light, but has a quite nice color payoff. It actually reminds me of the Chanel Rouge Coco Shine lipsticks in the way it applies. However, it does have quite large glitter chunks in it, so to avoid that the glitter dries on my lips when the lipstick fades, I prefer wearing a lip balm underneath it. 

"Orange, it's obvious" by Essie. I know this is not a mango product, but I did choose to include it just because I feel it goes with the whole "mango" theme and to be honest, I absolutley love this color for summer. It believe it was limited edition with their spring/summer collection this season, correct me if I am wrong, but they do have similar shades in sale at the moment. It is a very bright orange with incredible color pay off. I can get away with only using one coat of this polish, and still get a vibrant and opaque finish. It also holds up very well, and can go without chipping for a good two-three days.

I love... Mango & Papaya Exfoliating Shower Smoothie. I bought this product about two weeks ago,  and use it every other day in the shower. I will say that you can use it everyday if you prefer, I just  have extremely sensitive skin. Although this smells very nice, it does have that slight artificial scent, however this does not transfer on to or linger on the skin once I get out of the shower. Whenever I use it I honestly just want to eat it, which is probably not such a great idea. I have noticed that my skin feels much softer and less harsh when I use this, so at the moment it is a big thumps up for me! The combination of mango and papaya is delicious and a match made in heaven. 

Mango Body Butter by The Body Shop. Of all the products by The Body Shop, I believe this is the most talked about item. I have been a long-term fan of their body butters, as it does absolute wonders for my dry skin, both during the summer and winter months. It is a very moisturizing, slightly heavy, body butter that does take its time to sink in, but when it does it leaves my skin feeling smooth and hydrated. I also find that a pot of this lasts quite a long time. I've had mine for a few months now, using it on-and-off, and it is still going strong!

So, that is Mango Madness. What do you think? If anyone want an in-depth review of the products mentioned above, please tell me and I'll do my best! 


Hello internet!

Hello world!
At the moment I am trying to get that dreaded first post out of the way without too much fuss, so here we go! If you want to learn more about me and what this blog is going to be about, please check out "ABOUT". To give you the summary, I will be writing about everything from makeup to literature. Just to warn you, I am a full-time student but I will hopefully be posting at least two-three times a week.
But I hope you who read this will come and check on me from time to time to see what I am up to, and please, feel free to leave response! I would love to know who, if any, is reading my blog. Oh glorious internet, who art thou hiding?
Anyway, now that the introduction is out of the way, I will be starting some real blogging.

- cocoinspiration